Ecotour around Sikhote-Alin Region

If you are going to the edge of Russia, you should see everything at once. Far East rare animals, relict forests and nature reserves — nothing is hidden from your eyes while traveling around Primorye.


It is a jeep tour around whole Primorsky Krai and Sikhote-Alin with everyday trekking routes (5-18 km). All routes are without heavy backpacks (they’re transported in jeeps). On the daily route, you take with you only a snack, camera and some extra clothes if it is necessary. You'll try trekking and climbing mountains with a height difference of up to 900m. If you are not sure that you will be able to hike 10-17 km in the mountains, don't worry, because every group is accompanied by two guides. 

Daily trekking routes lie through the yew trees, stone castles and dense taiga. You will visit the Lazovsky and Sikhote-Alin Reserve, see the picturesque bay with crystal clear water, climb the mountains, and visit the waterfalls, rivers and canyons. 

Consider the seabed while snorkeling in quiet coves and enjoy the panoramic view from a height of 900 meters. And after a day full of impressions, fall asleep to the sound of the waves at the campsite on the beach.

The tour program includes 7 nights at comfortable bases, including 5 nights at an eco-hotel in Terney, 3 nights at a comfortable camping (with shower and lounge area) on the fantastic Petrov Bay.

The route is completely balanced: 5 days are devoted to taiga, mountains, canyons, rivers and waterfalls and 5 days are devoted to marine ecosystems: lagoon lakes, capes, islands, bays, kekurs and rocks. The tour is suitable for children over 10 years old!

Day 1. Southern Primorye: Benevskye waterfalls

After meeting in the center of Vladivostok you will go to the Lazovsky district. There you embark on a nature walk with a guide exploring the Ussury taiga forest on foot, enabling you to fully admire your beautiful surrounds. An eco trail passing through a tract of wilderness will lead you to the Benevskiy waterfalls. You will see 3 cascades including the most beautiful waterfall in Primorye - the Primorskaya Star waterfall.

In addition to the waterfalls you'll admire relict yews, dimorphants, huge pine trees, lianas, white fir-trees and other representatives of the southern Sikhote-Alin flora, lots of dense coniferous taiga forest, as well as basalt poles and gorgeous views of the Elomovsky stream.

Overnight at the Petrov Bay Camp. 

The route length: 60 km by car, 17 km by foot.


Day 2. Southern Primorye: Dragon Park

After breakfast we take a boat to Petrov Island with its unique environment: subtropical forests, natural flower gardens and pebbly shoreline where seals are resting.  We'll hike along the ecotrail around the island and visit the magnificent yew grove.

After lunch you will have enough time to explore the bay, swim in the sea, snorkel, do SUP-boarding and sunbath. Overnight stay in Petrov Bay Camp. 

The rout length: 2 km by boat, 5 km by foot.

Day 3. Southern Primorye: Dragon Park

After breakfast you will go to Chystovodnoje village to visit the Dragon Park, or Primorsky Pillars. Mountain peaks have been eroded into quaint stone pillars and castles. Statues of incredible birds and dragons rise above the cedar-oak forest. You will pass a trekking route with stops at viewpoints, watch the first "dragon" and climb to the second.


Overnight at the Petrov Bay Camp. 

The route length: 60 km by car, 8 km by foot.


Day 4. Southern Primorye: Zarya Bay & Ta-Chin-Gouza Bay (Lazovsky Reserve)

Today you will move to the north part of the Lazovsky Reserve. In the first part of the day you will explore to the unique Zarya Lake and a fabulous stone ensemble of Zarya Bay. It is possible to meet sika deer and see traces of the Amur tiger. Then you will move to the Proselochnaya Bay (Ta-Chin-Gouza Bay). It is considered the most beautiful bay in the Primorsky region. The sandy coastline stretches for 1.5 kilometers. The quaint "kekuras" (stone rocks) make the bay even more picturesque.


You will stay in a recreation base located 250 meters from the sea. You can go for a walk along the beach, take beautiful photos, go snorkeling and swimming in the sea.


The route length is 150 km by car, 5 km on foot.

Day 5. Central Primorye: The Cape of 4 Rocks.

We drive to Olga village, along the way you can expect to see lush green hillsides, steep mountains and dense forests. In the afternoon we reach the Cape of Four Rocks, one of the most impressive capes in Primorsky Krai. You will explore the cape on foot. Our next destination is a beautiful bay with white granites and nice stone outcrops. Trekking, relax on the beach and swimming in the sea. Overnight at the guesthouse in Kavalerovo.

The route length: 310 km by car, 7 km by foot.


Day 6. Central Primorye: the Oak Bay and Stone Outcrops

Trekking route across the headlands and beaches with magnificent views to the Oak Bay with the most beautiful abrasion (created by the sea) land forms in Russia — Rhinoceros Stone Outcrops. You will have time to contemplate nature views and rock forms and explore the rocks from the sea. 

Transfer to Terney village - the center of the Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve, which is the largest Reserve in Primorye and where the largest Amur tiger population lives. Overnight at the Terney Guesthouse.

The route length: 320 km by car, 7 km by foot.

Day 7. The boat trip along Abrek peninsula (Sikhote-Alin Reserve) and trekking in the Amur Goral Reserve

In the morning you will go for a boat trip along the Abrek Peninsula (Sikhote-Alin Reserve). You will admire the beautiful rocks, caves, see colonies of birds, seals in the sea and gorals on the rocks. 

After lunch you will continue the journey to the Amur Goral Reserve. You' ll repeat the route of the Vladimir Arsenyev's expedition, enjoy the stunning views of the shoreline, river valleys and surrounding mountains. You can swim and go snorkeling. At the end of the trip you will return to the guesthouse in Terney.

The route length: 60 km by car,  30 km by boat, 10 km on foot.


Day 8. Bold Mountain (Sikhote-Alin Reserve)

Bold Mountain is situated in the preserved area of Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve. The hiking route to the mountain top (900 m high) begins on the banks of a brook with huge stones and small waterfalls in oak forests, which with increasing height are replaced by broadleaved pine, dark coniferous, and stone birch forests and then elfin pine thickets.

You will see tagged trees of bears and tigers and know more about their life. It is possible to see herds of wild boars, brown and Himalayan bears, red deer, Fawn deer, roe deer, otters, badgers, squirrels, chipmunks and other animals.

The top of the mountain offers a beautiful view of the Sikhote-Alin forests, the Sea of Japan, lagoon lakes and endless blue mountains. Then you will return to the guesthouse, have dinner and rest.

The route length: 34 km by car, 17 km on foot.

Day 9. Black Shaman waterfall. Amgu canyon. Kema river rapids.

Panoramic view on the Sikhote-Alin mountains and taiga river Maximovka are waiting for you today. You will have a jeep trip and trekking to the Black Shaman — one of the highest waterfalls in Primorye (50 m).

To have a look at it, you have to descend into a narrow canyon with steep stone walls reaching tens of meters in height. The Amgu river meanders through a gorge with stone statues, caves, reddish-purple cliffs and terraces covered with forests. Black Shaman is a deafening sound of falling water, air filled with spray, wet black rocks and a swirling water flow. Spend the night in tents in the forest on the top of the canyon.

The route length: 190 km by car, 10 km on foot.


Day 10. Blagodatnoe Lake & Huntami Bay (Sikhote-Alin Reserve)

Today you will have a trekking route to the Huntami Bay with the animal and bird watching. Along the way you will see beautiful stone outcrops, Goral cliffs with a great view on the coast, the Blueberry river, a beautiful sandy bay and a paleovolcano. You will have lunch in the bay and go swimming. The way back goes along the Blueberry Lake with lots of relict aquatic plants. Spend the night at the guesthouse in Terney.

The route length: 35 km by car, 16 km on foot.