Ecotourism in Primorsky Krai

Sikhote-Alin, Russian Far East

  • Sikhote-Alin mountains: ranges, ancient volcanoes and ridges

  • Virgin Ussuri taiga with animal and plant relics

  • Mountain rivers, canyons and waterfalls

  • Amur tigers and Far Eastern leopards

  • Clean and warm Sea of Japan (Eastern Sea)

Tours to Primorye

  • Trekking & jeep tours

  • Snorkeling, SUP boards and swimming in the sea

  • Bird and animal watching with  guides-biologists in nature reserves

  • Relax on the beach

  • Our routes repeat some of the of Dersu Uzala and V.K. Arsenyev expeditions (1905-1910)

"Sikhote-Alin Ecotour"

Ecotour to Southern, Central and Northern Primorye

12 days / 11 nights

100 000 - 109 000 rubles

The tour itinerary follows the expedition routes of famous Russian traveller and researcher Vladimir Arsenyev and Dersu Uzala. You will visit the protected areas of the Primorsky region: Lazovsky Reserve and Sikhote-Alin Reserve, the Call of Tiger National Park, Kema-Amga National Park and Amur Goral Reserve.

You will cover 2500 km by jeep and boat and cross about 130 km on foot, exploring the most wild and beautiful places of  Russian Far East. All trekking routes without backpacks - they are transported by jeeps.

During two weeks you will see a lot of picturesque places and try different activities:

  • daily trekking through yew groves, stone castles and dense taiga

  • boat trips, during which you can watch the seals and bird colonies

  • snorkeling and swimming in turquoise bays with a fantastic rock formations

  • climbing one of the Sikhote-Alin peaks 

  • jeeping to the Amginsky canyon, where you could find the most beautiful waterfall in Primorye, called Black Shaman

  • spectacular rapids of the Great Kema river and Lotus lake


Most of the Sikhote-Alin is covered by a unique taiga (coniferous forest) with the highest level of biodiversity in the temperate zone of the planet. They are the habitat for Amur tiger (the biggest cat in the world) and Far Eastern leopard (the rarest cat in the world). In the forest grow ginseng, actinidia, aralia, eleutherococcus and other rare plants. During the tours you can definitely see wild animals and relic plants!


Sikhote-Alin is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here you can do trekking in the Ussuri taiga forest and along the sea coast and beaches, climb mountain peaks (up to 1852 m), descent into canyons, enjoy waterfalls and mountain rivers. The landscapes are overwhelmingly beautiful! Your guide will walk you through Sikhote-Alin best nature sites and tell you all the information about the mountains and its inhabitants


 The coast of the Sea of Japan with colorful rocks, lagoon lakes, picturesque islands and bays is one of the most stunning in Russia. During the tours you will do boat trips, swim in the sea, do SUP-boarding and snorkeling. You can swim in the sea from July 01 to September 15. Using wet suits you can swim even longer. 

Sikhote-Alin Ecotourism Center

● professional guides - biologists
● experienced off road drivers
● good camping equipment
● our own 4WD cars (Toyota Tundra, Toyota Sequoia etc) 
● ecosystem approach to the tour programmes
● our own eco lounge in Terney village (Sikhote-Alin Reserve)

● our own glamping in the Petrov Bay village (Lazovsky Reserve)
● the most beautiful and protected areas 
● small groups (up to 15 people)
● tours are guaranteed to take place within a specified time at a specified price